Immigration Consultancy – Case Study


  • Everyone on the business is on the same page
  • Management now more ‘hands off’ from day to day running
  • Confidence to tell clients that bigger workloads can be handled

Absolute Immigration’s Story

Focusing on strategic immigration and visa processing, immigration consultancy Absolute Immigration have been in operation for over 17 years. In such a heavily administration-based business, a lot of systems need to be in place to ensure that there is consistency across the board, and that important details that are so valuable to an immigration or visa case don’t get lost along the way.

Jamie Lingham
Chief Executive Officer

The Challenges

When Absolute Immigration company director Jamie Lingham decided to take a more hands on look at his business through sitting in the roles of his employees, he found that what should be a well-oiled machine appeared to be five different organisations working together. He knew that if he wanted to scale up his business to the next level and be able to handle large volumes of work, that something needed to be done to ensure everyone is on the same page.

The Solution

It was not long after coming to this realisation that Jamie attended a presentation at his EO group, where Dave Jenyns had been bought in to talk about the importance of systems and processes within a business. Through some further discussion, Dave explained the benefits of what a SYSTEMologist can do for a business, and started working with Absolute Immigration’s operations manager to record sessions and map out every single process.

While Jamie wanted to be involved, it was better for Dave to work with the people that were actually going to be using the systems, of which Jamie could check everything at the end.

Once Dave was finished working on the systems and processes for Absolute Immigration, Jamie found that everything was running more smoothly thanks to the robust systems in place. He now has the confidence to talk to clients and say that they can manage a higher workload than before, and is excited to be able to move the business to the next level. He is able to get away from the day-to-day nuts and bolts and allow his employees to manage what needs to be done on the ground level.

What’s Next?

Absolute Immigration has made remarkable advancements in their day-to-day productivity. SYSTEMology® has helped solidify their daily processes and built a fantastic foundation to support their growth.

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A Simple Solution For Small Business Systems & Training

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Systems were all over the place. The staff could not access and improve upon existing procedures.


Finding software for business systemisation that is both sophisticated yet intuitive.


Confidence to tell clients that bigger workloads can be handled and management now more ‘hands off’ from day to day running.

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