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Flat rate pricing that gives you full features – simply choose your team size.

A game changer for small businesses.

– David Jenyns, Founder SYSTEMology & systemHUB

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*Prices listed in USD. Additional GST charged where applicable.

Need More Users?

systemHUB is perfectly suited for smaller teams (less than 40 members). For larger teams please contact our team here to discuss your needs.

No Matter What Plan You Pick, You Get Every Software Single Feature:

Unlimited Systems & Files

Create as many SOPs and templates as it takes, and upload as many files as you need.

Easy Collaboration

Tag and assign people, share SOPs, make comments, and get your team involved.

Find Your Systems In Seconds

Quickly find systems and documents you need, when you need them, by typing in the search bar.

Share Systems Externally

Outsourcing? Hiring an external contractor? Get them up to speed by sending an access link.

Control Who Sees What, Anytime

You can give permission to view or edit specific documents to specific people or remove access if someone leaves.

Files Hosted On Our Platform

We allow all kinds of file types, from video and images, to PDFs and text documents.

Track Approval & Learning Progress

Assign certain system ”tracks” and monitor progress and completion as they sign off.

Reliable Support from Our Team

If you have any issues, you can count on a quick response from customer support.

Clean and Simple to Use

No flashy buttons or needing to go through a series of clicks to get things done.

What Is The The Business Systems Accelerator & What Does It Include?

Perfect for teams ranging from 3 to 40 members, this comprehensive plan includes everything. This plan is soo epic we created an entire page to detail everything here.

This plan is designed for teams who understand that building a systems-driven company requires more than just software. You need your team’s support and this plan provides the step-by-step training, templates, and community support to ensure that happens.

Grounded in our founder’s globally recognized framework for systemization (SYSTEMology®), this plan equips you with all the necessary tools to extract, organize, and optimize your systems while fostering a process-driven culture.

With access to over 100+ proven, ready-to-use processes and policies, you’ll be able to save countless hours and kickstart your journey towards systemization immediately.

Discover why hundreds of businesses use systemHUB to streamline their operations:

Michael Colman

Digital Thing

“systemHUB allowed us to share exactly what we do in our day-to-day work and learn from each other.”

Gary McMahon

Ecosystem Solutions

“Gross revenue increased by 200% and net profits have gone from 8% to close to 30% by using systemHUB and SYSTEMology.”

Den Lennie

Filmmakers Business Academy

“The support is phenomenal, the systemHUB platform is phenomenal, and you start to use it, and you start to wonder how you ever managed to run a business without it.”

David Patterson

Silvan Ridge Business Advisors

“systemHUB certainly streamlined our business immensely.”

Chris Dinham

Summit Web

“When my staff asks me a question, all I have to say is go to systemHUB, it’s all in there.”

Brian Keen

Franchise Simply

“I have seen business bottom line improvements of 25%-50% within 12 months by using systemHUB.”

Trevor Henselwood


“It’s great because when I’ve got a new staff member and I can’t spend my whole time with them and I say, just follow the systemHUB system.”

David Patterson

Silvan Ridge Business Advisors

“systemHUB certainly streamlined our business immensely.”

Chris Dinham

Summit Web

“When my staff asks me a question, all I have to say is go to systemHUB, it’s all in there.”

Brett Johnson

Johnson Accounting

“systemHUB has really taken a lot load off me and particularly around those things I shouldn’t be doing in the business.”

Braden Way

Access Rehabilitation Equipment

“systemHUB makes it so much easier to onboard new staff, train new staff, and as a collaboration tool for all our procedures.”

Adam Mitchel

Agrim Pty. Ltd.

“systemHUB really helps our business in making sure that people can take ownership over their work, and also sharing with other staff on how they do it.”


Still have questions? We’ve got answers.

Will it be hard for me or my team to get used to using systemHUB?

The short answer is “No”.

systemHUB was built with simplicity and practicality in mind – so no flashy buttons or needing to go through a series of clicks to get it to do what you need it to do. If you and your team are familiar with Google Drive or similar software, you won’t have any issues with systemHUB.

Plus, you’ll have access to a variety of templates, training, resources, and support to make the transition smooth and painless.

What is the 'systems expert call' included in the annual plans?

As part of our annual plans you will receive a complimentary 30 minute one-on-one zoom session with one of our expertly trained SYSTEMologists. In this session you will have expert advice tailored to your unique situation – you’re going to love it!

Does systemHUB integrate with my favorite software?

All systemHUB systems, policies and training have unique links that can be posted into your favourite tools. So it’s easy to link your systemHUB systems to your favorite tools.

Will our systems and processes be safe and secure?

Absolutely. Our software is cloud-based and incredibly secure. If a team member leaves the company, it’s very easy for you to remove them from the system, and as the admin, you have complete control over who can see or edit your SOPs and systems.

Why don't we bill on a per user basis?

We know what it’s like when platforms charge on a per-user basis, everyone begins sharing logins as you try to save a few dollars. While this might be fine for a marketing platform, it doesn’t work with an SOP management system. One of the keys to building a systems-based culture is individual team member participation and accountability.

Therefore, we have found by simply making pricing tier-based, every team member gets their own login and we increase the success rates of our clients. This also avoids any nasty surprises as your organisation grows.

What if my team grows and I want to change plans?

This is completely normal. If you ever need to switch plans, you can do so within the platform with just a few clicks (or if you need a custom plan, you can always reach out to our support team).

Do you offer special pricing for non-profits?

Run a not-for-profit? systemHUB is here to support you. Contact our team here to discuss our options.

Do you offer a trial account?

Yes, we do! To activate your 30-day FREE trial, simply complete the quiz – get started here.

Do you provide a “Done For You” documentation service?
The short answer is “yes”. For clients looking to have a SYSTEMologist do all the documentation for you – check out our concierge service here..

This package includes everything from identifying the mission-critical systems to conducting one-on-one interview sessions, all the way through to our team documenting and organising your systems and processes – find out more here.