How To Audit, Organise & Refine Your Existing Processes With AI.

Feeling overwhelmed trying to scale your business? Before documenting new systems, you must first audit and organise what you have.

Join me, David Jenyns, for this 90-minute training where I reveal how to best set up your SOP management / project management software  to streamline your current processes.

Perfect for anyone starting their systemisation journey!

Early Bird Only $49 $99 USD

*Note: Plus Australian GST where applicable. This training is FREE for Business Systems Accelerator (BSA) and systemHUB subscribers.


While the insights in this training are software-agnostic, we will demonstrate examples using systemHUB (for SOPs) and Asana (for project management). The concepts can be applied using any software platforms, however we’ve selected systemHUB and Asana based on our experience.

Get my personal systems health check, setup checklist, Systems For Systems and more.

In this training you’ll discover:

My audit framework to evaluate existing processes

Tips to consolidate and organise scattered systems

How to leverage AI to identify gaps and refine workflows

Steps to create standardised cross-department procedures

Choosing the right software for seamless integration

Onboarding your team through a culture of accountability

What you get:

Audit templates, tools, and worksheets

Case studies demonstrating real-world application

Live demo of creating a system from A to Z

30-min audit with a Certified SYSTEMologist

Lifetime access to recordings & resources


Hi, I’m David Jenyns

I’m on a mission to free all business owners worldwide from the day to day operations of their business.

The fact is, once your business is working without you, your life will change.

I know this because I’ve experienced both sides of it first hand. Both being completely trapped and how systems set me free.

In 2016, I successfully systemised myself out of Melbourne SEO Services, hired a CEO, and stepped back from the daily operations.

Through this process, I became a systems devotee and founded SYSTEMology.


Join the Training

Early Bird Only: $49 $99 USD

Plus Australian GST where applicable.


Still have questions? These should help…

Is this free for BSA and systemHUB members?
Yes, please contact support to get a coupon code for complimentary access. We originally created this training exclusively for members but opened it to the public due interest in our work.
Do I need systemHUB to benefit from the training?
No, while we will demonstrate on systemHUB, the concepts can be applied using any SOP software or process documentation method. systemHUB is helpful but not required.
Will you cover the SYSTEMology framework?
No, this training focuses specifically on auditing and organising existing processes. SYSTEMology involves assessing and mapping processes, which comes after the audit stage.