S2:E9 How To Scale Your Supplement Business – Case Study with Haley Santos

David Jenyns
David Jenyns


Today’s Guest, Haley Santos

Haley Santos is the enterprising Systems Champion at BIOptimizers, a health and supplements company that has grown from 40 to 150 employees in her tenure. Coming from a background in environmental research and retail, Haley’s adaptability and habitual nature have made her a natural fit for the role. Her work as a Systems Champion involves identifying areas within the company that require streamlined systems, dispelling apprehensions about systematization, and ensuring that creativity and systematic procedures can coexist to improve company efficiency.

Interview Takeaways:

1. Recruiting for the Role

The business owner recognized the need for systems and, influenced by SYSTEMology, sought a Systems Champion with traits of habitualness and precision rather than prior systems experience.

2. Importance of the Learning Curve

New Systems Champions should be prepared for a steep learning curve as understanding the entirety of a business’s operations is a crucial aspect of the role.

3. Challenges of Adoption

It’s common to face initial resistance, such as concerns about job security and misconceptions that creativity and systems cannot coexist. These challenges can be overcome by establishing trust with team members and demonstrating how systems can enhance their skills without stifling creativity.

4. Systems and Creativity

Haley’s anecdote about the marketing department illustrates that systems can serve as a foundation for creative teams, providing structure without limiting innovation.

5. Advice to Newcomers

For those considering the role, being open to learning and being naturally curious are invaluable traits. While prior industry knowledge is beneficial, it is not essential as fresh perspectives can lead to pragmatic system improvements.

6. Systems as a Safety Net

Documented systems act as a security measure for businesses by ensuring continuity and providing a consistent reference point for tasks and procedures.

7. SYSTEMology as a Guide

The SYSTEMology framework has proven to be an inspirational resource for Haley and her growing team. It offers guidance on how to approach system development and serves as a reference for best practices and problem-solving.

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