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Podcast Episode #11

Hiring new team members can be a nerve-wracking time, especially when you don’t have much recruiting experience. How can you possibly make the right choice based on reading a CV and having a short interview with a few candidates? Follow Adam’s effective process for recruiting “A Players” to your team.

Today’s Guest

Adam Franklin

Adam Franklin is the Amazon #1 bestselling author of Web Marketing That Works (Wiley & Sons 2014), an entrepreneur, business owner, and marketer who lives and breathes social media, content marketing, and inbound marketing.

His Bluewire Media blog is Australia’s #1 business blog and he has written for The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald, and Smart Company. Adam has been interviewed on 2UE, 4BC, and ABC612 radio.

He speaks with ‘in the trenches‘ experience from running his own company for 10 years. He also sends his weekly Bluewire News email to over 20,000 marketers worldwide.

Adam has delighted audiences around the world with his humorous and jargon-free presentations. He has been speaking professionally since 2009 and is often the highest rated speaker at conferences.

Ideal audience: Complete newbies and social media cynics from corporate professionals to small business owners!

Speaking Topics Include:

  • Killer Digital Marketing Strategies keynote
  • Web Marketing That Works keynote
  • Email Marketing Secrets keynote
  • The Truth About Content Marketing for Business keynote

How to Hire and Retain “A Players”

Step 1: Write a Job Score Card (job ad) and publish it.

Step 2: Create a job application form to allow candidates to apply.

Step 3: Screen the application forms and run a competency exam for the shortlisted candidates.

Step 4: Conduct a short screening call with the candidates that successfully passed the competency exam.

Step 5: Call and check the references of the successful candidates.

Step 6: Invite the shortlisted candidates to a face-to-face cultural interview.

Step 7: Introduce the successful applicant to the team.

Step 8: Employ the successful candidate for a 3-month probation period.

Additional steps to maintain “A Players”

Step 9: Set an organizational hierarchic system with a pay range for each level.

Step 10: Conduct performance reviews and offer incremental promotions and pay raise to retain “A Players”.

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