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Podcast Episode #2


Most business owners struggle to answer the question of ‘what do you do?’ at events or functions, let alone when presented with ideal selling opportunities. All business owners need to perfect their pitch! Here’s the step by step process to develop yours – follow the Gaddie Pitch Process!

Guest’s Background:

Antony Gaddie has closed $84M of business in his career so far. He’s lectured the Melbourne University Accounting and Finance Masters Students and he’s lectured the RMIT Marketing Masters students. He’s got a very strong track record for building business communities of CEOs and other decision makers and he has received some of the highest feedback scores on record for workshops delivered to the CEOs at the CEO Institute.

He speaks 4 languages and is a self-confessed dog-lover and chocolate addict. He’s a loving father to 2 very young kids and his mission is to increase the amount of Joy on Planet Earth using profit as a force-for-good.

The Gaddie Pitch System

Step 1: Make a list of your target industries and potential clients.

Step 2: Make a list of the typical problems and challenges that your target customers faces

Step 3: Identify what you do, the benefits, the feelings and associated metaphors

Step 4: Craft Your Pitch

Step 5: Test your pitch and commit it to memory

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