EP 21: Franchise Success Path with Brian Keen

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #21

For many people, franchising is a dream that they often feel is out of reach. They think that getting everything set up from an administration point of view seems far too challenging to get it right. With Brian’s system, we get to see how his team helps businesses to franchise, from signing up to the program to helping them operate.

Today’s Guest, Brian Keen

Brian Keen is the founder of Franchise Simply. He has been managing his own businesses for over 40 years, specializing in the franchise sector for the last 30 years. This experience tells him franchising offers one of the most exciting business models around for anyone looking to create real wealth and financial independence for themselves.

Brian trained as a Quantity Surveyor in England and then emigrated to Malawi in Central Africa where he opened businesses in building, property development and transport.

Brian built ‘Franchise Simply’ with the aim of showing business owners how to transform a family-sized firm into a multi-million dollar asset through a unique four-step system, saving tens of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees in the process.

He’s passionate about helping people become financially secure and independently wealthy through business, wherever they are, whatever their background. That’s why Brian founded and became Chairman of MicroLoan Foundation Australia (MLFA), a charity which, to date, has provided over $750,000 in loans to impoverished women in Malawi to allow them to start their own business and improve life for themselves and those who depend on them.

The Franchise Success Path

Step 1: New Member signed on

Step 2: Kickstart Training Workshop

Step 3: Franchise Status Review

Step 4: Introductory mentoring session

Step 5: Introduction sessions with Specialist Team MembersFurther detail:

Step One – Develop the big picture for your franchised business

Step Action Specialist input
Organisation structure Mentoring to get organisation structure in place Procedures Specialist
Establish process for Operations Manual Mentoring to get initial process in place to start collecting material for Ops Manual Procedures Specialist
Brand review Initial review of brand for relevance of franchised business Brand Specialist
Marketing Plan marketing for franchise group using Guides


Step Two – Define the franchise business elements

Step Action Specialist input
Budgets and fee structures

Member prepares budgets


Accountant comments
Territories Discussion with territory specialist as required Territory Specialist
Communication and support Complete work following Guide


Step Three – Design your franchise system

Step Action Specialist input
Operations Manuals Complete work following Guide Manuals writer
Legal documents

Complete questionnaire with Brian’s input

Send to legal crew

Work through with Brian’s input



Training Initial review to see how training will be needed and plan for it Training Specialist
Pilot and Franchisor business setup Establish


Step 6: Member completes work

Further detail:

Step Four – Deploy your franchise group

Step Action Specialist input
Recruitment workshop

Held with Brian

Introduction to relevant brokers etc.

Review Ongoing

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