EP 28: Improving your SEO and Conversion in 7 Steps with Fernando Angulo

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #28

You’ve invested all your energy into creating the killer website for your business, but now it lays dormant, lost in the depths of the internet sea. You’ve got the magic system, business or product, you know everyone needs it, but now how can you get that website to rise to the surface and be seen? Fernando’s simple system will have you choosing the right words and get you on track to increase your visibility, conversions and business potential – watch your website rise up and set you apart from the rest.

Today’s Guest, Fernando Angulo

Fernando Angulo is the head of international partnerships at SEMrush, an online service that provides competitive intelligence including keyword research paid research and backlink analysis. Fernando is actively involved in the search marketing world, and he is a regular speaker at SEO and digital marketing events worldwide. He specialises in B2B search marketing and lead generation programs. As an integral member of the SEMrush team, Fernando uses his knowledge and experience to define development strategies according to new trends and current market requirements.

Fernando received his Master’s degree in world economics from the University of Saint Petersburg in the Russian Federation.

Here’s how you can boost your SEO & conversions

Step 1: Conduct excellent keyword research

Step 2: Improve your website loading speed

Step 3: Always use unique content and remove duplicate content

Step 4: Use a more friendly URL

Step 5: Improve CTR (click through rate) by optimizing your snippets

Step 6: Improve and customize your UX (user experience)

Step 7: Test every strategy! Make changes and measure the results

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