EP 29: Making Header Images on Canva with Jurgen Strauss

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #29

In today’s social media age, anyone can create content and share it with the rest of the world. You can post a photo or a video on Instagram, create a Facebook page, produce podcasts or write blog posts about anything and everything! One helpful tool is Canva, and Innovabiz founder and chief innovator, Jürgen Strauss, shares his simple 10-step process of creating attractive, attention-grabbing header images for podcasts with this tool.

Today’s Guest, Jürgen Strauss

As founder and chief innovator, Jürgen Strauss‘ vision for Innovabiz is simple: Innovabiz will transform your online presence into a business generation platform that delivers exceptional results. Jürgen is also the host of the InnovaBuzz podcast – providing smart businesses who value innovation and have an interest in digital marketing, information marketing, internet marketing, content marketing, and website development to become even more innovative.

Jürgen is also an avid (some say obsessed!) cyclist, as well as enjoying the odd fine wine with good food and good company! He also enjoys photography, walking in the Australian bush and spend time in his garden.

Website: innovabiz.com.au

Why are we doing this?

  • Our InnovaBuzz Podcast is a compilation of audio/video file interviews of innovative leaders throughout the world who share their experiences in their field and educate their audience about all things regarding innovation and leadership.
  • While outstanding episode content should be the focus of your podcast, your header image is the first thing your audience and listeners will see. It is vital to present an attractive header that will catch the eye of new listeners. New listeners can be attracted to your service through the style of headers or images you make. You don’t only want your listeners and followers to love the quality of your podcast content but you also want to grab their attention with your artwork.
  • The consistency of header images can also help people identify and remember your podcast so it is always good to have a folder on Canva or whatever site you are using and compile the images so you can use consistent imagery across all of your podcast headers. Another reason we are putting in the effort to make an attention-grabbing header image is so that we can visually communicate the subject of the podcast. The audience will want to see the title and the service of the guests before they listen to it.

What You Will Need

To complete the process of creating beautiful graphics, you will need access to:

  • Google Images (a copy of 800 x 800 px guest photo sent through email)
  • Canva.com

Expert Version

  1. Search for your guest’s image online.
    Note: You can also email your guest to provide a better quality of his/her picture and if it’s possible, ask for at least 800 x 800 px.
  2. Save the image on your computer.
  3. Open canva.com and log into Jurgen’s account.
  4. Look for the folder/file where the saved header image is that Jurgen has used for previous podcasts.
  5. Make a copy of the latest one.
  6. Upload the photo file of your guest.
  7. Delete the previous image on the previous copy of the header.
  8. Put the photo on and arrange it so it looks appealing.
  9. Change the title of the header image.
  10. Download the finished header.

Outcome: How will you know you have finished?

It says ‘done downloading’ and the header image is saved on your computer.

Be creative and take advantage of the many graphic design tools available online to help you create eye-catching contents that deliver exceptional results. You can then develop the process into a system that you can replicate and refine as you go along. Begin with this easy to follow the 10-step process and you’ll be off to a flying start! And be sure to check out Canva too – it’s a great free tool.

Thank you for listening!

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