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Podcast Episode #53

Charley’s system outlines how to organise the structure of a virtual team operations. Implementing this system will allow you to run and scale your remote team, ensuring the important goals are achieved consistently, and the team is well looked after.

Today’s Guest

Charley Valher

Charley Valher is a serial business owner and educator from Melbourne, Australia, best known for his unique approach to business and developing companies in a way that creates more time and leverage for the business owner. Having experience in a variety of businesses, he has picked up and developed a strong skill set in:

  • Scaling a business past the business owner
  • Business Automation
  • Business model design
  • Virtual Assistants & Online teams
  • Systems & Processes
  • Joint Ventures

In his spare time, he enjoys cycling, cooking, and music.

Website: www.outsourcingangel.com

The Virtual Team Operating System

Step 1: Tools to use when working with a virtual team.

Step 2: Create a weekly system.

Step 3: Organise a Weekly Overview board in Asana.

Step 4: Setup a separate project for each customer.

Step 5: Setup channels for communication in Slack.

Step 6: Scale your virtual team.

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