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Podcast Episode #59

Glenn’s system aims to help business owners how to sell in a way that people would buy. It is a five-step process that understands the behaviour people make when they buy and reference how a business sells its products/services in alignment with that behaviour. Understand the buying process of your prospects. Glenn believes that there are the buying process which customers follow when buying, while salespeople follow the sales-process.

Guest’s Background:

President of Mattson Enterprise in New York.

The company provides on-going support, reinforcement and networking through an alliance of business and sales professionals.

Glenn helps individuals who are on their own, or part of a larger organization, overcome the roadblocks keeping them from reaching their definition of success.

He feels if you know the “Why” you can overcome the “How.” Glenn follows a simple process of defining where his client wishes “to be” in comparison to his/her current “as is” status.

Website: www.sandler.com

System Steps:

Step 1: Bonding rapport.

Step 2: Upfront contracts.

Step 3: Emotional drivers.

Step 4: Budget.

Step 5: Decision-making process.

Step 6: Presentation/Fulfillment.

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