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Podcast Episode #6


Is it possible to systemise the creative process? Brent Hodgson thinks it is… and in this podcast, he shares a simple 3-step process of systemising the creative process to enhance your creative team’s productivity and help them achieve outstanding results.

Guest’s Background:

Brent Hodgson is obsessed with high-performance marketing and sales strategies. But when effective marketing strategy relies on creative thinking – how do you systemize creativity, and get consistently outstanding results?

Grab Brent’s system: A system to systemise creative work

How to Systemise the Creative Process

Step 1: Make experience accessible – create a memory bank or knowledge base of all your resources.

  • Collect case studies, source materials, templates and swipe files, inspiration and best practices and any other core knowledge/experiences/foundational ideas someone would need to have had to get a great outcome
  • Create a repository for storing/referring to these.
    o   Bonus tip: Create a checklist for how to review them.

Step 2: Decide on your success metric and measure outcomes.

  • Choose your success metric – how you’ll know if you’re on the right path. Get feedback from stakeholders on the output/concepts (use this to refine your process).
  • Choose how to document concepts so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Formally measure the quality of work based on your success metric.

Step 3: Review results and turn learning into experience – rinse and repeat.

  • Use both successful, and unsuccessful work to improve the knowledge base and refine the system. Implement what is learned back into the system.
    o Successful outcomes get added to the knowledge base.
    o Unsuccessful outcomes get approved upon and implemented.

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