EP 65: Scaling Your Sales System With Million Dollar Visual Models with Simon Bowen

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #65

Today’s Guest, Simon Bowen

Founder of the Models Method and Creator of the Genius Model®. Australia’s #1 Authority on Visual Based Thinking.

Whether it’s communicating a new strategy to your Board or team, driving a critical project, or converting a customer to a purchase – the ability to influence with impact is the key … and Simon Bowen’s results demonstrate the unparalleled value he brings to the table.

As a dynamic change agent, consultant, facilitator, CEO mentor, speaker and author, Simon Bowen is highly sought after by Fortune 500 companies, heads of Government, the military and private sector because of his transformational impact on the organisations he serves.

With nearly 30 years of total focus analysing the keys to peak performance and success, Simon understands how individuals and organisations tick, how they can improve, and what separates the elite from the average.

Every sale, or engagement with a new idea, relies on a conversion of thought.

Simon excels, with a unique ability to convert ambiguous, complex issues into crystal clear, engaging conversations that lead to this conversion of thought.

He simplifies the complex and makes it tangible through his unique proprietary process, The Models Method, to accelerate results.

Simon’s clients are genuinely astounded at how quickly his proven, research-backed Method can:

· Elevate your sales results

· Raise the performance level of your team

· Increase your leadership impact, and

· Create higher levels of ownership and alignment across your business.

Website: modelsmethod.com

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