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Podcast Episode #70

Today’s Guest

Dr David Dugan

David’s experience in business coaching and leadership across a diverse range of industries is ‘expansive’ and impressive. However, all the above combined with tenacity and drive, packed with genuine care to help people achieve their ultimate success, are the reasons David’s clients achieve remarkable results in their business growth.

He also served in the Australian Navy for 18 years and retired as a Commander where he was awarded the Humanitarian Overseas Medal for work during the 2004 Tsunami when many lives were lost.

After 14 years of coaching and five tertiary qualifications in his pocket David has also undergone in-depth training earning himself a number of coaching credentials, including the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership, International Coach Federation, and being a Trainer with Anthony Robbins the world’s authority on the psychology of peak performance and organisational turnaround. David says, “the most invaluable, down-to-earth, mind-blowing-mentoring I have ever received is from Keith Cunningham, The real ‘Rich Dad’, in Robert Kiyosaki’s #1 bestseller, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

David studied and practised as a Dentist, (so he understands the challenges of service-based businesses first-hand), and importantly, immersing himself in the highest level of study in his chosen industry. He is constantly educating and surrounding himself with world-class leaders and mentors, and hence himself has matured to the ranks alongside many of the best. Most importantly earning those stripes not through the accumulation of information, but by application of it and obtaining outstanding results.

Website: abundance.global

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