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Podcast Episode #72

​The system below outlines the process to streamline the hiring of offshore staff to help you in your business. By following the system you will easily find and shortlist the candidates that are the best fit for your needs, and will also help with onboarding and setting up expectations right from the start.

Today’s Guest

Linh Podetti

Linh started her first business in 2009 and built multiple successful businesses using the outsourcing model. With nearly a decade of experience in outsourcing, she saw an opportunity in the market to provide offshore staff directly to companies and hence started Outsourcing Angel in 2015.

Linh grew up in Vietnam and moved to Australia when she was 9 years old. With first-hand experience living in a developing country, she is on a mission to help reduce poverty in developing countries like the Philippines.

Since its inception, Outsourcing Angel has always reinvested its profits to charitable projects because Linh believes in business with purpose, not just profit.

Website: outsourcingangel.com

Recruit Rockstar Virtual Assistants

Step 1: Create a job brief.

Step 2: Post the job on different platforms.

Step 3: Review the applications.

Step 4: Panel Interview.  

Step 5: Hire and Day 0 Orientation.

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