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Podcast Episode #75

Michael’s system helps businesses solve the communication problem as the businesses expands. It identifies ways on how to improve communication within the business so the owners would have more time to focus on working on their businesses.

Today’s Guest

Michael Sliwinski

Michael is a productivity guy – he’s the founder and CEO of Nozbe – a project management and collaboration tool for busy professionals and their teams. Nozbe is a web-based tool with apps for all the major platforms. Michael is also a speaker, author of a few best-selling books, a podcaster and a blogger. He is happily married to his wife Ewelina and they have three daughters.

Michael is known for his unorthodox way of running Nozbe – our company doesn’t have any physical office (#NoOffice) and we dedicate Fridays to weekly reviews and personal development (#TGIF).

Website: nozbe.com

Master The Art Of Communication

Step 1: Deep Work.

Step 2: The feedback loop.

Step 3: Real-time chat.

Step 4: One-on-one conversation.

Step 5: Meetings.

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