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Podcast Episode #77

Bin Teo’s system helps business owners to refine their messaging and positioning to be able to stand out from the others. It utilizes case studies or customer stories to pinpoint their ideal customers.

Today’s Guest

Bin Teo

Bin Teo’s journey started in his early 20s where he sold tickets to meditation retreats. There he started to develop a deep fascination for buyer’s psychology and market positioning.

As a marketing consultant, he has helped industry experts launch books that rank #1 on Amazon, companies generate 6 figures of additional revenue and received numerous awards (including the AFR 100 Fast Starters). Through executing and learning from hundreds of growth experiments, he discovered his passion for optimising B2B sales processes.

Today he helps B2B sales teams speed up their sales cycles through strategically crafting compelling customer stories and sales enablement assets.

Build Compelling Case Studies

Step 1: Create your strategy.

Step 2: Get the client buy-in.

Step 3: Do interviews.

Step 4: Create a persuasive customer story.

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