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Podcast Episode #86

Most entrepreneurs are struggling to generate traffic into their content media sites. Here, Stephen shares his system that aims to help business owners increase organic visitors on their sites. The process primarily focuses on the bigger picture rather than solving the individual elements.

Today’s Guest

Stephen Esketzis

​Working for himself as an internet marketer, while most people his age were wondering which degree they wanted to study or corporate job they wanted to land, was pretty standard practice for Stephen.

I can’t remember the last time I hadn’t sold something to make a profit. From trading Pokémon cards in primary school to selling cans of soft drink in high school, I love the thrill of business and clenching deals.

He was self-taught all through high school learning snippets of eBay selling, website management and development, running forums, releasing iPhone apps, running a content-based agency, building a SAAS company from scratch and much more.

This all led him to build outrageously profitable sales funnels online… or what the everyday person calls being an ‘internet marketer’.

Website: digitalmarketersaustralia.com

Generate More Traffic In Less Time

Step 1: Identify your target audience.

Step 2: Determine your main pillars.

Step 3: Find out who’s in your market and what they are talking about.

Step 4: Write your content.

Step 5: Start your link-building.

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