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*Special Launch Podcast Episode*

In a very special episode of the Business Processes Simplified podcast, we look ahead to Business Systems Summit Volume 2 with our guest host, Charley Valher.

Here’s the thing, every problem you have within you business is caused by a poorly defined or designed process. Sadly most business owners are so overworked and too busy, they never document good processes. And while everyone agrees good processes are important, they’re never urgent, so no one ever finds time to create them.

This is the problem we wanted to solve 🙂

So, as part of the Business Systems Summit 2.0, we have assembled 40+ leading business experts to share their best systems, processes & checklists for you to swipe and deploy within your business. These are the actual systems they use within their businesses!

In short, it’s a FREE event designed to make business systemisation easy for business owners… here’s some more information below:

We believe, all problems in business are system related. You are either missing having a system in place, or the one you do have is poorly defined… our goal is to bring these systems to the forefront and make you aware they exist!

How The Business Systems Summit Started (2.31)

Early on we realised that there are a lot of “Subject Matter Experts” out there who already have systems based solutions in place for many of the common problems in business. So we launched the Business Processes Simplified podcast as a way to build a collection of these best practise business processes.

It was a great way to get started but we’re always looking to speed things up… so we had the idea of hosting a summit. At the first Business Systems Summit, we had 48 expert speakers from areas such as sales, marketing, HR, finance, management, all giving a keynote presentation on one system they use in their business – step-by-step.

The idea was simple, we’d interview them, we document each sessions and we shared those with attendees 🙂

We had some awesome feedback so we’re back to do it all again! The best news is, for Business Systems Summit Volume 2 (September 24-26, 2019) we have taken the quality of the recordings, the guests, and the summit to the next level.

The Business Systems Summit Format (6.28)

One of David’s tricks to get right to the good stuff in these interviews is to pre-write the presenter introductions so that the guest can skip their backstory and jump straight into delivering high-value step-by-step problem-solving systems.

How Does The Business Systems Summit 2.0 Work? (17.40)

It’s a free online event running on the 24-26 September 2019. To join in…

Step 1: Register for your free ticket at the website ==>  www.businesssystemssummit.com

Step 2: Check your email for the line to view the agenda and mark your calendar with those session you really want to see!

Step 3: Watch the sessions when they go live (note: they will remain online for 48 hours).

Can’t make all the live session? No worries – there’s a Premium Pass too that gives you lifetime access to the recordings, plus written documentation of every business process, system and checklists.

Thank you for listening!

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