Andrew Bennie

I loved this training, there was loads to take in but I think for us the biggest takeaway was the priming of Chat GPT to get good results and also the idea of “Just Chat GPT it”. A massive thanks to Dave and his team for providing us with these templates...

Samantha Calma

As a documenter the process documentation using chatGPT is a huge mind blown moment for me surely this will shave off a couple of hours which can be used to focus on extracting more and doing version 1 of the systems the hours during the masterclass flew by, i...

Mitch Villarta

David Jenyns’ “Automate Your Process Documentation with ChatGPT Masterclass” has been truly invaluable to me. It provided essential strategies to streamline SOP creation and leverage ChatGPT effectively. A true game-changer for my business and my...

Darren Smith

Overall 10/10 and was incredible value for money and I believe every business owner should utilise this training whether you are a local plumber to a large corporate multi site company ! Well done David & the Systemology team.


The training really opened my eyes to the possibilities for leveraging ChatGPT for business growth. I can’t wait to implement the things I learned for my own business and for the businesses of my clients.