How Your Business Structure Can Benefit From Automation Technology

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Does your business use automation technology yet? If not, you are probably leaving profits on the table. Some business structures where there are lots of thinkers, equal number of doers and another layer of management may be better off expending on automation technology to help your bottom line.

Mike uses Podio as one of his automation technology tools. He considers it the brain of his business. What do you consider the brain of yours?

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Video transcript:

Automation, I’ll speak very briefly on this because a lot of good people are going to talk about this later on today. Podio for us is the brain, that is the business. Everything is in there. The thinker at the top lobs the task in, the brain figures out who to send it to and delegates it with all the information they need to that specialist or that team of specialists.

One of the specialists in that team puts their hand up. They know as soon as they take that job off the table, depending on the task, they have twenty-four hours, forty-eight hours, whatever it might be, to do that task. It’s up to them now to be proactive and to alert the person requesting this job if they can’t finish on time. The problem to begin with up the top here is, yes, but what if? It’s all of the project management load.


Automation Technology

Most businesses that have a bunch of thinkers up here and a bunch of doers down here have this stack of middle management project managers in the middle. That is very expensive. By using automation well, you can remove the whole chunk of that. This is your competitive advantage and a lot of profit that you’re leaving on the table.

So it gets delegated to the right place. They finish the work, send it back up and notify this person. Management, by exception, if that can’t happen, people are going to get notified. If they do a bad job, it gets sent back to that silo, it gets sent back to that team for someone else to do it. Three black marks and you’re gone. We’ve obviously got a problem with our systems, with our training. So we need to improve our systems, so that shouldn’t be happening.

If you do a fantastic job, three times in a row or five times in a row, whatever it might be, we give them a little pay rise and now they’re a level two specialist and they can do more things, they get more flexibility. There are all sorts of ways we’re gamefying that now in the business. Does that make sense?

The job really is just adding more and more specialists. It is to keep breaking down those tasks into smaller and smaller chunks and add more specialists. It is to make these guys as efficient as possible. This I believe for me is my exponential organisation. I believe I can have a core team up here of around fifteen people in Melbourne and potentially down here, hundreds, maybe thousands of doers who I can then rent out to


Automation Technology

other agencies around the world. Maybe in your business, you can do the same sort of thing. As I said, we use Podio for the brain.

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