S2:E4 How To Improve Your Onboarding Process with Brad Giles

David Jenyns
David Jenyns


Today’s Guest, Brad Giles

We’re joined by Brad Giles, a seasoned entrepreneur, author, and business coach. Brad has an impressive track record, being recognized as a BRW Fast 100 founder and a finalist for EY Entrepreneur. He’s also deeply involved in the EO community and hosts the podcast ‘Growth Whisperers.’ With his strategic planning and coaching firm, Evolution Partners, Brad has been transforming the landscape of onboarding and talent management.

Interview Takeaways:

1. Identifying the Problem with Onboarding

Brad outlines the common issue that no one truly ‘owns’ the onboarding process within most organizations, and how this lack of ownership can lead to chaos.

2. The Importance of Onboarding

He stresses the incredible upside to onboarding correctly with minimal effort and the often-overlooked opportunity it presents in businesses.

3. The Role of Managers in Onboarding

The discussion pivots to the role managers play in the onboarding process, emphasizing that they should be the primary owners of onboarding their new hires — not HR.

4. Tools for Effective Onboarding

Brad introduces two main tools: the ‘Role Scorecard’ and the ‘Onboarding Sprint Plan,’ which aid in setting clear expectations and success pathways for the new hire.

5. The Phases of Onboarding

The ‘Learn Stage,’ ‘Apply Stage,’ and ‘Embed Stage’ of onboarding are covered, which help overcome the forgetting curve and transition the new hire from learning to applying and then embedding their new skills.

6. Onboarding for Small Business

He provides tailored advice for small businesses on when they should begin thinking about building an onboarding process.

7. Measuring Onboarding Success

The conversation culminates with how to measure the success of an onboarding process and the critical metrics that indicate a new hire’s fit within the organization.

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