Why Business Process Improvement Is Core To Your Business Growth

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
Do you remember the last time you made a change in your business? Whether it is a change in a tool used, software or who actually implements a part or parts of the process?

The change may have come out as a result of something you recognised needed to be done better and hence your business process improvement taking place. Without improving processes, your business will be left behind and having to play catch up with the rest of your industry.

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Video transcript:

Are there any questions you want to go through between now and the next speaker?

David: Yes, I have a couple of points. One thing that was interesting to see was a common thread through all of the speakers. It is the idea that once the system runs, they keep a very close eye on what the outcome, the metrics are. Then they go back and adjust and tweak the system, based on what happens. So the first time a system runs is the worst it’s every going to be. Then you want to create some sort of feedback loop that helps the system evolve.

Once you get that magical feedback loop working, that’s when you’ll watch your system start to level up very quickly. That is something Stevo had mentioned, that stuck out for him.

The other thing to keep in mind, everyone has spoken on a particular topic and in a certain order. We’re quite conscious of the way we’ve got them to structure the sessions: it is the before, during and after. The last two speakers gave you an example process in each of those units.

You want to think about that in terms of your business. Some of them may or may not be exactly applicable for your business. You go through that thought process to think about the before, during and after. Later on when we tie it together, it’s about identifying those core processes that we can either create systems for or automate, depending on which way we go.

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