Filter Your Tasks To Help You On How To Delegate

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Are you enjoying what you do right now? Is this what you imagine yourself waking up everyday and look forward to doing for the next 8 or more hours?

If not, then using the task filter can be a great stepping stone on how to delegate those tasks that are outside your joy-zone.

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Video transcript:

Then there is the task filter. This is what I would like you to do in a perfect world, and I know no one will do this, but I’ll say it anyway. Over the course of the next two weeks, keep a list of all of the work you do. Then, in a couple of weeks time, plot those tasks on here. Your job is to get rid of all of this. That is where time drags or they are things you hate doing. If you hate doing it, but the time goes quickly, we’ll just suck it up and get on


Task Filter

with it, princess. But things you hate doing and it takes a long time, you should not be doing that. In Dan Sullivan terms, you’re not in your unique ability. This is not the work you should be doing.

You should be doing work that gives you joy. I believe your business should give you joy, work that you love to do, work that you can always get better at, no mater how good at it you are. You just want to go do that more. Another Dan Sullivan term is the things that would endlessly fascinate and motivate you. I love that.

That is a great question to ask yourself. Write that down on a piece of paper, go sit down by the river at lunch and say, what would endlessly fascinate and motivate me? That’s what you should be doing for the next fifty years.

If that’s not building systems, if that’s not hiring, if that’s not doing AdWords, if that’s not writing blog posts, stop doing it. Ask someone else to do that for you. Do the things you love to do, because life is too short. Get those things off your plate first. We’ll worry about the other two quadrants later, but get that off your plate first, please.

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