How To Increase Sales For Your Consultancy Business

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
Do you feel busy but not getting many sales through the door? Improving your sales numbers could be related to a tweak in your lead generation process.

Internet marketer and professional, Brent Hodgson shares how to increase sales in your business with a proven system that increased conversions for them. This not only improved their numbers but also reduced wasted time and resources for them and the potential client.

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Video transcript:

This is another screenshot out of Infusionsoft. Let’s simplify this. This is basically a sales call. One of the big issues with sales calls is you get on the phone and the customer doesn’t really have an idea about what you’re selling. This is particularly an issue with consultancy sales calls.

We set this process up for this particular client. An inquiry comes in and a sales call is booked. We’ve got a series of emails that go out saying, read this FAQ. The FAQ is about the ten top asked questions, most frequently asked questions that people are asking on these sales calls. It basically pre qualifies the sale.

We make sure they click the link to the FAQ. If they don’t click the link to the FAQ, we cancel the sales call. The issue we were having was, about thirty percent of people had an idea about what the product was before they were getting on the call.

The rest, the seventy percent who were getting on the call without knowing the product, weren’t in a position to buy once you got them on the call. Also, you would be wasting a huge amount of your time talking about the basics of the product rather than getting them to buy the product.

So by adding this FAQ here, we were able to get a hundred percent of people to read the information before they got on the call. That had a direct impact on the number of people who were buying. The reason it is a hundred percent is obviously, if they’re not reading it, they’re not clicking on that link that you can track in Infusionsoft, then the call was getting cancelled.

What happened if a call got cancelled? We’d have a staff member call them up and say,. it looks like you haven’t read the link. We’ve cancelled your appointment, let’s re book you in after you’ve had a chance to read that information. There’s no point wasting your time on a call if you don’t have this information.

Rebooking is fantastic. Every time someone rebooks, so far, we haven’t had anyone, after rebooking who hasn’t read the FAQ. A hundred per cent of people who rebook so far have gone back and read the FAQ.

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