How Does Tony Robbins Help Entrepreneurs Using Neuro Linguistic Programming?

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
Tony Robbins is known the world over as a motivational speaker, leading seminars, conferences, self-help groups, and helping individuals and businesses find their best roadmaps to success. Part of his success is hinged upon a process called neuro linguistic programming. This essentially means that he helps people identify the things that they do instinctively, that leads to the proper results.

Even the most successful individuals find themselves reaching points in their career where they reach a plateau, or their successes begin to decline. It is in these times that they need answers. By learning to identify what they were already doing correct without active thought, or by instinct, they can learn to tap into these abilities and repeat them to get back to their best performance.

If you are interested in how neuro linguistic programming can help you discover your own successful methods, please watch the video below.

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Video transcript:

This big cheesy guy on late night TV, Anthony Robbins, works with some of the best athletes and thought leaders in the world. What does he do? He gets the phone call when the elite sports player, the tennis player was at his peak and has fallen off the edge and now can’t quite figure out how to get back there. What does he do? He spends time with them to find out, what were you doing at the times when you were at your peak? What was the formula and the process for how you were at the top of your game?

They were doing that unconsciously. He brings it into conscious thought and gives them a recipe for them to follow. Then they get back. I think Andre Agassi is probably one of his best examples. His career went down and then he basically pulled him out. He does it with some of the top fund managers in the world. He gets into their head, finds out what they’re doing when they’re unconsciously doing it and then gives them a little bit of a formula. His whole life he models processes and procedures.

So if you’re not getting the results that you want in life, it’s about finding someone who is getting the result that you’re looking for and then finding out exactly what they’re doing.

Are you interested in learning more about how to mimic your own successful processes? Click here to visit

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