OnBoarding Best Practices For Your Small Business.

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
One of the key systems in your business is how you welcome new staff to your team. To add on, you must also consider how you onboard new clients to your business? Does your business deliver the same consistent service each time?

Melissa shares some feedback in this systemHUB workshop.

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Video transcript:

I know there is a lot to digest. I hope everything has made sense so far. I’’d like to see if you could think about different things that can help your business start implementing these systems now. How can you start now adding instant value to your business and getting more freedom back?
I’’m going to help you with that. You’re probably thinking, everything! The first thing is your team. This is our team on boarding induction system in SystemHUB, telling you to go to Asana. That would be the number one thing. If you don’’t already have a really detailed staff on boarding process, it is worth your time and investment to get it.
You might think, oh, but we have a manual. No, I’’m talking about go deep with it. All those little bits and pieces, the welcome email, the expectations, the work hours, what are the values of the business, do you see that in your team member?

Then of course, there is not just the general training, but the specific role training as well. Do you have that lined up so that when a new team member comes you just basically hand it to them and they can start going? If you don’t have something packed up that nicely, then it’’s time you start. It’’s probably step one to your freedom. Remember, if you have well trained staff, there is less time you have to spend doing the work.

Also, while I have the on boarding here, I just want to mention as well the staff off boarding. That is something to think about. It’’s probably not quite the nicest thing to think about. But when you have to get rid of a team member, you have to think about little things like did they sign that confidentiality agreement that was in your on boarding? Think about security.

You want to make sure your staff, because they’’re on boarded and off boarded, that there is no confusion in place. When you have no confusion, you have a more efficient business and of course that means more money in your pocket.

The number two area that I think everyone should look at really closely creating a system for is client on boarding. How do you bring a client on to your business? Probably just as importantly is client off boarding. If you don’’t have a proper system to on board and off board your clients, you’re going to miss opportunities. When you on board a client, who is
going to contact them? How often are they going to be contacted? What are their expectations? Do they know, are they confused?

We don’’t want confused clients, that’’s bad. They write bad reviews. That’’s not good. You want happy clients. Client off boarding means you don’t miss those opportunities to either bring them back in to the loop or get referrals from them. That would be the number two area I highly recommend that you think about putting systems in.

Implementation and documentation of your systems is the greatest step forward you can take in moving you towards your business freedom. Get started with your systemHUB free trial here..

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