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Podcast Episode #17

With sales prospecting, you don’t go after every lead that comes your way. It can be a big waste of time. So learn to be picky, research and qualify your prospects to narrow them down to a few who have the best chances of converting. Clwyd’s system is designed to be scalable and provide your sales team with consistent leads.

Guest’s Background:

Clwyd Probert, CEO, and founder of the company, has many years of international experience in both the technological and marketing side of the industry. His academic background is in the areas of biotech (molecular genetics) and computer science. Having been based in New York, and now London, he has worked in the competitive markets of hedge funds and investment banks. As an entrepreneur, he has built and developed several different companies.

In addition to his commitments to the Whitehat Inbound Agency, Clwyd is also heavily focused on delivering practical advice to businesses and entrepreneurs. He is a mentor to postgraduate students and teaches marketing, as a guest lecturer, at UCL.

In his spare time, Clwyd is also a highly respected international photographer, working with and supporting animal charities at home and abroad. As a patron of Hope4Apes, and The Battersea Cats and Dogs Home and The Born Free Foundation, he has worked alongside Brian May and Sir David Attenborough and Virgina McKenna.

Website: whitehat-seo.co.uk

The Setup: Build a list of potential prospects and do your research on them.

Step 1: Reach out to prospects for the first time via email.

Step 2: Follow up with your first voicemail.

Step 3: Email prospects for the second time.

Step 4: Follow up with your last voicemail.

Step 5: Send “Email Template 3” – the final email

Step 6: Review and improve your system based on measured results.

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