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Podcast Episode #51

Blaine’s system elaborates the step by step process to help business owners identify how they can effectively bring in cashflow into their company. It avoids a cashflow crunch for any types of business and prevents business owners from breaking their personal bank accounts for the sake of their company.

Guest’s Background:

Blaine Bertsch is the Co-Founder and CEO at Dryrun, where he oversees the strategic direction and core operations for the company and the software platform. Blaine also leads the application’s design direction, resulting in a beautiful, flexible and actionable customer experience.

Blaine’s mission is to have a lasting positive impact on businesses all over the world by helping them collaborate with their accounting team to manage cash flow and grow.

In 2019, Blaine released his first book, Pandemic Cash Flow, which explores the problems businesses face and offers a collaborative and effective solution to crushing the affliction.

With a Master of Design from the University of Alberta, Blaine has more than 15 years of successful entrepreneurial experience in graphic design, interactive design in the educational and cultural space, and television. Blaine empowers and advises entrepreneurs and mature businesses throughout Alberta and beyond in the online space as well as locally in Edmonton.

Website: dryrun.com

System Steps:

Step 1: Hire a financial advisor.

Step 2: Pick the right software.

Step 3: Do a regular check up on your business financials.


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