EP 79: The Video Production Operating System with Den Lennie

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #79

Videographers who aspire to scale on their videography business are often stuck at figuring out if such business, which mainly incorporates the creative process, can be systemised. Den Lennie’s system enlightens every videographer, as well as other professionals working in the creative space, on ways how to grow, automate, and systemise their business. Den Lennie’s Rule of Thumb – Anything you do more than once should be systemised.

Today’s Guest, Den Lennie

Den is a former Video Producer and DOP who has worked with Major brands to create launch films and other video content for the last 25 years.

He’s worked with celebrities and sporting stars and has managed budgets ranging from several hundreds of thousands down to a few thousand dollars and everything in between.

He now helps filmmakers to grow their businesses.

His mission is to help committed filmmakers around the world who want to generate more business and develop a more commercial mindset, attract more clients and create more revenue by embracing a strategic approach to their marketing, sale process and business systems to allow them to have the life they desire for their family without working 80+hrs per week.

Website: denlennie.com

Automate Your Video Production Business

Step 1: Create your organising chart.

Step 2: Map your Critical Client Flow.

Step 3: Add the details into your critical client flow.

Step 4: Consolidate processes into your project management tool.

Step 5: Keep learning.

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