EP 08: Complete Management and Leadership System with Ben Stickland

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #8

How do you create traction within your organisation? The trick is to have your entire team marching to the same beat.

So how do you develop your business operating system? This is the drum beat everyone marches to. Listen to Ben Stickland (from Alliance Software) as he shares how he’s applied the Traction methodology (via Gino Wickman) to great success. As always, we provide the swipe and deploy the systems to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Today’s Guest, Ben Stickland

Ben Stickland is the Founder & CEO of Alliance Software.

Alliance Software is an Agile Software Development firm founded in 1999 by Ben Stickland during his final year of University. Despite topping his entire graduating year and receiving a variety of enticing offers, Ben opted to build the Alliance business. Ben is a passionate entrepreneur with a deep interest in both marketing and business process optimisation.

To this day, Ben continues to take a hands-on role in a number of startups including serving as both a board member and key strategic advisor.

In 2004, Levi Cameron became a business partner and the technical lead of the firm. Levi is a world-class engineer and technologist and has been the catalyst for Alliance identifying and attracting its team of high calibre developers. The partnership has proved to be very successful, with Ben providing the passion, energy, and strategy, balanced by Levi’s stable and consistent technical leadership. This union has allowed Alliance to fund and incubate two successful tech startups.

The Complete Management and Leadership System

Step 1: Create an organisational chart to establish the leadership team and responsibilities.

Step 2: Set the vision and direction of the company.

Step 3: Create a numbers-driven business – identify your key metrics (KPIs), track them and review them with your leadership team weekly.

Step 4: Set run meetings with a purpose and find the right rhythm for them.

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