EP 81: The Power Process with Jessica Leigh

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Podcast Episode #81

The Power Process is a link process which can be used as a process improvement tool that business owners could efficiently utilise. It takes entrepreneurs and their teams through a step-by-step process that focuses on collaboration to solving issues and problems within their business.

Today’s Guest, Jessica Leigh

Founder and owner of The Asystance.

Jessica Leigh is passionate inspiring leader who is driven by assisting business owners to free time and reduce the stress of business growth through implementing exceptional systems, processes and cultivating phenomenal local and virtual teams.

After working in and growing The Game Changers business with her partner, in the business and as a board advisor, which now serves hundreds of businesses and clients around the world through systems designed for delivery and innovation, Jessica understands the true importance of bringing this work to businesses and their leaders around the world.

Having worked in Corporates and overcome their bottlenecks, frustrations and confusion by way of implementing simple systems, processes and workflows to maintaining safe and efficient delivery while also scaling output, Jessica and her team discovered the power of systemisation and process improvement.

Complex businesses have be driven with one simple effective system.

With 18-years experience – in small & medium business, consultancy, corporate across engineering, project management, sales, marketing, recruitment, system optimisation and coaching – Jessica brings a wealth of experience on what it takes to create a great team, underpinned by integrated processes and systems, and bring a vision alive for greater good.

The true role of every Business globally will be to bring the needed sustainable change in the world to realising our potential.

If your team is not yet underpinned by integrated processes and systems, or you feel in the ‘reaction’ and ‘overwhelm’ of business growth then you’re not yet maximising your performance potential.

By choosing to create one simple effective systemisation strategy, your business can move into the realm of creating change in the world for all while also being more profitable and have it grow, scale and succeed beyond you.

Website: theasystance.com

Develop Your Power Process

Step 1: Bring your team together.

Step 2: Jump into the waste areas.

Step 3: Solve the issues and delegate the tasks.

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