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David Jenyns
David Jenyns

If you have been doing business online, you may have used Fiverr, Upwork (or then Elance), and the likes. I am sure you would have had some pretty bad experiences and some great ones too but few.

There is a process that Mikes suggests in here for you to help you find the best hire next time.

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Video transcript:

We’ve probably all used sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Elance,, all of those. I think a lot of people use them wrongly. I think a lot of people go to them to get a task done, rather than as a place to find that specialist. You want that specialist to become a permanent member of your team, which is permanent part time. That might be two hours a week. It might be fifteen hours a week.

So we’ll post something up there. I’ll post the exact same thing on Fiverr five times. It will cast me $25 instead of $5, So what? I know three of them are going to be bad, one of them is going to be ok and one of them is probably going to be a rock star. If I don’t find a rock star the first time around, I’ll do it again.

I don’t interview, I audition. I give them a test task or a series of test tasks. It might be unpaid, but probably paid. I don’t want to annoy, them, I want to respect their work and their time but I don’t want to be the bottleneck. I don’t want my HR person to be the bottleneck, I want this to be as automated as possible. I post up the job and have them do this test ask.

Two of them show promise, wonderful. You go to the next stage. That might be another test task. It might be a phone interview, whatever it might be. We figure out who that one person is. I probably put them through a Kolbe test at this point as well. It’s not really a personality test, but a profiling system. It’s not what you can do or what you think you will do but what you will do when the pressure is on. It’s a really good way to understand people’s m.o.


Talent Search Flow

I’m going to hire that person and put them on the bench. I keep them warm on the bench. I don’t think we have too may of these at the moment but certainly in the past we have. I know this is a five hour a week role, generally. But some weeks I have no work. When I need that person, let’s say he is my Magento guy. I don’t do a lot of Magento necessarily, but when I need that Magento guy, I need him and I need him quickly to do that work.

So I’ll pay him one or two hours a week every single week. I’ll say the deal is, when we need you, you are ready to go. You’ll get this work done inside of twenty-four hours. I will never give you more than ten hours in a week, but when I need you, I need you. Yes, all good? They love that. You’re going to pay me to do nothing every week? Sweet, I’ll take that deal. Then they’re committed. Then you don’t lose them. They don’t disappear and end up going to work for someone else.

The agreement is, if they do want to go work for someone else, they have to tell you: I’m no longer on the bench. Now I’ve got them warm on the bench, I can call on them whenever I need to. It’s staff on demand. But they’re trained up, ready to go. You don’t have to go back to Fiverr next time you nee something and say, this thing again. I’ve got to start all over again. You’ve found the A players. This makes life so much easier.

Once they’ve proven themselves there and they’ve done the job a few times, then they’ll be a full time specialist in that role. So at any one time I want to have, in each of my specialties down at the bottom of project Hourglass here, at least one full timer and preferably someone on the bench. What we’re working on now is, when this full timer starts to approach capacity, so let’s say they’ve got ten hours a week to give me, and we’ve


Talent Search Flow

consistently done more than eight hours a week for the last three weeks, I’ll have an automatic alert go up to the brain. It will say, you need to hire another one of these. It will post the test task and do all of that. It is automated and somebody warm will be on the bench, ready to go before we get busy. I haven’t built that yet, but that is what is coming.

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