Why Use Standard Operating Procedures, Systems & Checklists.

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
Most entrepreneurs aren’t short on ideas but when it comes to implementation, that’s where they fall short. Quite simply, they’re the bottleneck in their business and often hold back growth unknowingly. There’s typically many reasons for this but one of the biggest is that they’re unable to “let go” and have their team members take over. They’re too busy micro managing things!

So what’s the secret to building a successful business that works without you? Check out this video and discover why you should use standard operating procedures, systems & checklists and why they might just be the answer you’re looking for.

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Video transcript:

To be a start up entrepreneur, you needed to come up with all these great ideas. You are the one serving the clients to make sure things are delivered to a particular standard. You might even be micromanaging other team members and so on because you want to deliver to a certain standard. To move through to the next level, you have to let go, recognise you can’t do everything and have someone else plug in behind you.

That’s what makes it hard. You’ve had this reinforcement loop that has encouraged all the behaviour that got you to this point. Now that is the behaviour that is stopping you from growing through to that next point. You feel like you have to be across everything.

Can anyone identify with that? I think all entrepreneurs go through this. Everybody knows who this guy is. Richard Branson, recognised you can’t build a successful business on your own. Obviously you’re going to need to build a team around you. That’s his talent. He’s able to spot great quality people who he can get to head up his business. He applies the Virgin brand to that and it just gives the business a kick start, a chance to succeed.

I’ll just get you to ask yourself a question internally. You don’t have to say the answer out loud. How can you ensure that your team deliver consistent results, if you want to have something done on a repeated basis? What would you need to have in place for team members to consistently deliver?

Hold that in your head and I’ll ask you another question. Personally, what is the most important asset you’ve got? Every body knows it’s time. It is a limited resource; we don’t get it back. With that in mind, if time is the most limited resource we have, what is a way in business that you can start to duplicate yourself? What things can you put in place in your business that will enable you to multiply? Just hold that answer in your head.

Duplicate your systems.

I’ll move to the last one. This gentleman here got me thinking about this question. Does anyone know who he is? Jim Rohn, that’s right. He is one of the people whose material I listened to a lot early on. He always talked about the idea that you’re rewarded for the value you put out in the marketplace. In the theme of today, how can you bring recurring value to the marketplace? It’s a good question to ask yourself.

The answer to this and the other two questions as well, all centres around systems. You can solve each one of those things by having good systems and processes in place.

What are systems? They are simply a set of rules and guidelines and checklists. It’s about the processes and procedures that go on in your business.

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