5 Great Checklist Ideas to Inspire Accountability

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Simple systems and SOPs are great at making sure everyone in your team takes responsibility for specific tasks.  All in all, a great SOP should work hard to deliver the results you need on a daily basis.  That, ultimately, also means making sure everyone knows their responsibilities and why they are important.

If you are just getting started in the SOP writing process and are currently making use of free checklist templates to help put together some new guides, here are some great ideas you could put into practice.  Consider any and all of the below tips if you want to inspire accountability!

Be Consistent

Checklists can help employees understand what is expected of them.  That means great ones always promote consistency. It’s important not to create steps which make things too robotic though!  Great checklists should provide employees with a safety net, not a leash.  Think about wording your checklist in such a way that empowers your readers.

Work with Your Team

There is absolutely nothing to say that you can’t write your checklists and SOPs without the help of your team!  As they will be adhering to the system, it’s perhaps a good idea to get their input.  What steps will help to make their lives easier?  What will help to get work done to a higher standard, and more efficiently?

team members checking out tasks

Think About Individual Checklists

Individual checklists, as well as overall SOPs, are a great idea.  These lists can be used to help employees stay on track in their daily duties.  They can even help when it comes to encouraging productivity.  Why not offer your team members small checklists so they can keep track of their regular projects and responsibilities?

Think Simple

The more straightforward your SOP is, the easier it is going to be adopted and followed.  Therefore, it makes perfect sense to develop an accountable system that your staff are going to want to pursue.  Complicated SOPs stuffed with jargon, and endless speculation will do nothing to inspire your team.  Consider your options – all checklists should offer concrete steps and solutions.

You should also think carefully about whether or not your process needs a checklist.  If there are many different variables or split decisions, you should perhaps consider using a flowchart or something a little more comprehensive.

Show No Room for Alternatives

While it’s good to keep things simple, your checklists should also be no-nonsense.  By that, we mean that they should only ever focus on perfect results.  If there is any room for doubt or a less desirable outcome, you’re going to need to tighten up your wording.  Don’t worry – this is easy enough to do with practice, and you can always tweak your SOPs later.

Trying to think of new ways to inspire your team?  Interested in helping people become more accountable in their everyday roles?  SystemHUB can help.  Call us today on 1300 149 301, and we will be happy to introduce you to systemisation!

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