5 Beginner Checklists for Every Business

David Jenyns
David Jenyns
business systems checklist

Checklists and standard operating procedures can help you achieve automated and streamlined business success.

Getting started with systems can be tricky, especially if you’ve never come across process management before.  What’s the best standard operating procedure outline you can use when starting systemisation?  Why document processes at all?  As always, our team here at systemHUB are here to help you find your way to automated, streamlined business success with some great checklist and SOP ideas.  Here are some document management ideas we think all businesses should start with.

1. A Checklist for Business Systems

This may sound a little bizarre to begin with, but the best checklist or SOP you can start with is one for building systems!  Creating a ‘master’ system or checklist is simply good practice.  Think about the systems you might need and the processes you might need to document.  This checklist should be managed by other members of your team, too.  They are going to be the ones making the most use of it each day!

2. A Checklist for Contact Management

One of the first things you should do is get your contacts in order.  That means emails, phone numbers and anything else which is likely to be relevant to your ongoing networking.  You could create a small SOP that lets you connect with each client on a deep and meaningful level.  This will also help to ensure that everyone gets the same approach!

3. A Checklist for Invoicing

Making sure that you bill your clients correctly is vital.  It’s even more important that you apply the same rules to everyone you do business with.  You’re going to need a checklist which streamlines the invoicing process.  How can you offer confidence to your client, while making sure you retain confidence in return?  Develop an SOP or checklist for billing and invoicing as a priority.

4. A Checklist for Assessing Risk

It’s always worth assessing risk and potential with each client or project.  It is, therefore, a good idea in practice to develop a system or checklist which can help you decide what to do in terms of moving forward.  Should you pursue a client relationship or project?  Or is it looking too risky to follow?  The right checklist, put in place as soon as possible, will help you to embrace the challenges your business comes across.

5. A Checklist for Thorough Administration

Finally, it must be said that all businesses starting out should make sure they have all the relevant administration tools and suites they need to get started.  Setting up a simple checklist is ideal.  You could make sure you have all the technology you need in place.  Think of this as somewhat like a shopping list.  However, it’s not for you; it’s for your business!

If you are interested in learning how to build a process, or how to enhance your document management, we’re here to help.  Read more on what the team at systemHUB has to say about starter SOPs here.  Alternatively, call us directly today on 1300 149 301 and let’s set up a consultation!

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