Why It’s Healthy to Shake Up Your Team

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

No matter which project documentation tools you use, there are always going be a few areas where you can tune up your processes.  More often than not, this will tie in with the people you have working with you, and on certain essential areas.  It may be tempting to stick with the people you know, and not to make any alterations, but changing up your team may do you some good.

Productivity Isn’t Guaranteed to be Sustainable

What works for you right now may not work long term.  A big part of business systemisation revolves around looking to the future.  Sure, you have the right experts and personnel working with you now, but what happens if they move on?  What if you need them for other critical jobs elsewhere?  If you don’t have anyone waiting in the wings to take over, your business is going to take the hit.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense to get everyone on the same page.  During the onboarding process, you should already be thinking about the key skills of certain hires.  You should be thinking about the various passions and expertise of the people you employ, and should, therefore, be ready to introduce them to new ideas, concepts and challenges wherever possible.

This not only helps to keep things interesting for your team, but it also helps to give the running of your business that added backbone.

Train Everyone Up

Whether as part of employee onboarding or beyond, you should always work to make sure your team players all have equal ability and understanding in vital areas.  You may well have two or three experts on board, but how many of your employees are on the same page as far as the essential processes are concerned?

Getting everyone on the same page will help you to organise your business systemisation easier and will give you more flexibility when it comes time to delegate tasks. That will then allow you to assign specific tasks to those who are passionate about them, and who have the required expertise.

Morale is Key

Of course, there is always room for employee morale in business systemisation because happy employees are productive employees.  Changing things up, while making sure staff are comfortable and confident in their roles, will actively help to boost their mood because entrusting your team with several different tasks breeds self-worth.

Create a Flexible Team

Whether during the onboarding process or once work is underway, keeping a team flexible should always be key.  To learn more about how specific systems and processes could help to enhance the running of your team and business, call systemHUB today on 1300 149 301.  Let’s find the best possible route towards profitable, efficient, productive results.

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