2022-08-29T19:11:13+10:00 David Jenyns
So what’s the most valuable advice I can give you around business systemisation?

Keep it simple!

Complexity is the enemy of business systemisation and the fact is you can have the best systems in the world but if no one’s following them, they’re really not worth anything.

So your number one objective here is to make things as easy as possible for your team. You want to avoid confusion, avoid platforms that suffer feature bloat, and platforms that mix project management and systems documentation management. Remember, implementing systems within your business and this systems thinking, it’s hard enough as it is at the best of times without having to train your staff up on how to use a platform.

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If it’s not intuitive enough that your team can figure it out instantly, you’re not going to get 100% buy-in and ultimately you’ll end up losing. Simple SOP software is the key don’t make your business more complicated than it needs to be. Less is more. Welcome to systemHUB.
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