Love What You Do? Get More Of It By Doing This

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

When you love what you do for work, it doesn’t feel like work anymore, right?

What do you love doing? The stuff that you don’t is definitely someone else’s joy to deal with. Imagine your business full of vibrant team members having fun because each one enjoys what they do.

Mike shares how you can give people and yourself more of what you love to do.

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Video transcript:

Then the last little bit is just loving the work. I said it before, I think business should be fun. I think it should be joyful. All of these specialists from the graphic designer to the bookkeeper, find someone who loves doing what they do. It will make your life incredibly simple. They get better and better. As someone was saying before, they start to improve the processes and improve the systems for you. They’re the ones who are


Love Your Work

going to go out and buy the training course. They’ll say, boss, I found this thing, I’d love to go through it. It’s $2000 but it’s going to do this and this. We found Pete, a CRO guy who just launched this $2000 course. It’s fantastic to have Pete essentially training my CRO specialist to get my CRO specialist to that next level. That’s an absolute no-brainer.

Dave talks about this a lot. Hire the person who can build the system for you or build the training system for that specialist. Hire him for a day and say, if you were going to build this, if you were going to train a whole bunch of people, what systems would you put in place? Have you got training material that I can license from you or I can buy that I can put my specialists through? They absolutely love that. Remember, they are endlessly fascinated and motivated by that work. They want to be the best graphic designer that they can possibly be. They want to get better and better.

You’re training them and coaching them and mentoring them and saying whatever resources you need, I’ll help you with. Of course it’s not just that one person. You’ve got the system in place now to train everybody who is in that specialty. I’m not spending $2000 to train one guy. I’m training every CRO person who I will ever need. I don’t know, five years from now I might have ten people in that specialty in my business.

Have a think about how this applies to you and which things you need to start. I’d love you to do an activity audit and keep track of the tasks you’re doing over the next couple of weeks. Don’t necessarily think just in terms of dollars and what are the cheap things that I can get off my plate? What are the things where time is going slowly? What are the things I know I should not be doing? That is quite frankly the work that you hate to do.

Then try to find that little corner of all the work that you’re doing, what are the things that bring you joy? What are the things that give you energy? That’s how you know your unique ability. It’s the work that brings you joy, the work that makes you happy when you’re doing it. Right now, that may be less than half of your week, which is insane. Your job, your role should be to spend eighty percent of your time doing that work.

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