2021-04-28T14:43:27+10:00 David Jenyns
There is no doubt that the internet has permanently changed the playing field for businesses. It used to be that some processes and systems for optimizing a company were far too expensive for any small business to implement. Aren’t you glad that you are living in the age of process automation? Perhaps you are wondering, what does this mean for you?

Software that is designed to help you automate processes just might be the perfect solution to a myriad of systems that you need to use in your company. In the past, this may have been out of the reach of your budget, but welcome to the wonderful world of automation software tailored specifically to your needs.

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Video transcript:

The other breakthrough was through automation. With automation now, you get access to so many different tools that previously large corporates would have paid many hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. Now software as a service means you get it for $50 a month. There are so many tools now that you can put into place, marketing automation, which Brent is going to talk about a little later today. These tools can automate your business.

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