Benefits of Repeatable Processes

David Jenyns
David Jenyns

Business Systems or Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) can be used to duplicate what you are doing in your business and become enablers for you to scale your business and your success. Check out this quick video and transcript where we explore how you can gain the benefits of defined and repeatable processes:

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Video Transcript:

As a marketer, what are we told over and over that the most important asset in your business is? It’s the list, the database. This is something we’re told all the time. I think as a marketer, that makes sense. As a marketer, you’ve got a message, you’re trying to sell something. You need a list to get that message out.

But as a business owner, I don’t actually think it’s the list. I think the systems are the most important component of your business. The reason the systems are most important is you can have a system for driving traffic. You can have a system for converting that traffic into paying clients. You can have a system for delivering recurring value.

So as a business owner, which is what I think you should be thinking about, the most important asset you’ve got is obviously your system. It enables team members to come in behind you, duplicate what you’re doing and scale your success.

Now I’m not telling you something that is ground breaking or new. Most of you put your hands up at the start, saying, yes, I’ve heard of standard operating procedures. McDonalds and the entire franchise industry are built on this idea of systems. We know this philosophy works. How can you go past a street corner one day and notice it’s an empty block and a month or two months later you will go back and it is fully operating? It is selling hundreds of burgers every day. How does that happen? It’s not an accident. They have the systems and processes in place to make sure it rolls out quickly.

A lot of parents talk about having trouble getting their thirteen year old kids to clean their bedroom, let alone getting them on the front register, taking money from clients and flipping burgers. You have to have a pretty good process in place to get a thirteen or fifteen year old to do that.

Systems are really important. What I want to do today, my biggest mission here, is to ignite that fire inside you. You can then recognise, yes, systems are important. They may not be urgent, but I want you to move them up your priority list. Depending on where you’re at in business, like I said, the right message for the right person at the right time is needed. If this message resonates with you, it could be the next step for you to grow through to that next level.

I think it’s a bit of the holy grail. I talked about the holy grail earlier today. For me, in business, systems are like the holy grail. They end up becoming your biggest asset. When I think of an asset, it is something you invest in once, that continues to pay over and over again. That’s what a business asset is. Someone writes a book and that becomes a great asset for them. They do the work once but it continues to pay. Similarly with systems, even though you want to keep tweaking them and working them, you get them into place once and then they continue to pay. You get recurring value internally from it and that recurring value ends up being recurring value you can also deliver to your clients.

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